ISAFENEST -Smart Smoke Sensor internal WiFi Antenna(LZ-1956I)


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Product Description

Product Name  :ISAFENEST -Smart Smoke Sensor internal WiFi Antenna(LZ-1956I)

Description   :

Country of Origin: China

Battery: 3V non-replaceable lithium battery + 1 3V replaceable lithium battery (WiFi)

Battery life: 10 years

Standby current: <=5uA

Alarm current: <=150mA

Smoke sensor: photoelectric

Alarm indication: red LED and buzzer

Alarm sound pressure: >=85dB (within 3 meters)

WiFi distance: 45M

WiFi standard: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

Size: 111x111x42 mm

Net weight: about 164.5g

This product is a smoke alarm, which uses the transformation of the intensity of infrared light scattered in the smoke to determine whether there is smoke. When the light intensity received by the photosensitive receiver exceeds the set value, the light signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the buzzer is driven to sound an alarm. The installation of this product can effectively detect the visible smoke generated by the initial ignition of the fire and promptly eliminate the danger and evacuate personnel. This product is suitable for safety precautions in indoor places where fires may occur, such as family residential areas, real estate villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, and office buildings.

For example, you can connect a speaker to make the alarm sound on the speaker.


●Detect smoke, mobile phone sends out notification message

●Can connect to other smart devices

●Record alarm events

●Battery level notification

●Remind all those present to pay attention to whether the on-site environment is dangerous

●Support iOS and Apple Android platforms to download “UKG Smart” / “UKG Smart”, there is an installation guide in the application.
【Installation Guide】

Installation method: wall or ceiling installation

It is easy to install and supports wall-mounted design. Just attach the base of the main unit to the roof with screws or 3M, then download the “UKG Smart” or “UKG Smart” app, and follow the setup guide in the app to add equipment and you can use it.


*All specifications are subject to change without prior notice