Standard Installation Service Price List

Product Description gas cost Accessories provided
The pedestal stove * Specify the location of the point of gas supply,
Connected to the gas cooking stove into the nozzle throat
(One meter) (except for the central user LPG)
LPG HK $ 150 One meter rubber tubing and hose code two
Coal gas HK $ 350 One meter wire larynx or laryngeal gum
Cabinet oven * Specify the location of the point of gas supply

※ passenger side must provide 13A power supply
Su bits inserted to the specified location

LPG / Gas HK $ 600 One meter wire or plastic tube throat (one meter)
Connected to an air hose nozzle into the furnace cabinet / transport packet does not negotiable
Embedded furnace plane * Specify the location of the point of gas supply

※ passenger side must provide 13A power outlet Su bit to the specified location
(Except dry electric models)

LPG / Gas HK $ 500 One meter throat or copper wire connected to the plane of the furnace throat into the air hose nozzle
* Embedded plane old stove tops
Open big holes even installation services
Custom-made stainless steel flange bracket (negotiable)
Imitation stones limited
HK $ 900
Convection-type water heaters * Installation of water heaters, LPG / Gas 8 “” hose / copper throat,
Gas and a detent
Gas to go to the fitting position of the gas water heaters
Hot and cold water and air connection position
(Not including installation potential)
HK $ 900
(Not including installation leakage circuit Chedian bit) HK $ 500
Installation water heater temperature regulator
* With stove installed
LPG / Gas HK $ 600 Remote line 5 feet
(Other than 5-foot, $ 20.00 each)
Remote areas: Islands District, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and installation and transportation surcharges:
Convection standard installation type water heater (not including potential) $ 1000 + $ 400
The pedestal cooking stove (LPG) mounting $ 150 + $ 400
The pedestal cooking stoves (gas) mounting $ 350 + $ 400
Embedded furnace plane (LPG / gas) mounting $ 500 + $ 400
Cabinet furnace (LPG / gas) mounting (not negotiable transport package) $ 600 + $ 400
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*Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above. (Negotiable)