GUARDMAN GMK-L100 Hearing / Visual Impairment Assistive System


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Product Description

Product Name: GUARDMAN GMK-L100 Hearing / Visual Impairment Assistive System


Country of Origin: China

The package includes:

  • Multi-Alert Receiver

  • Wireless Doorbell Press

  • Wireless Telephone Call Alert

  • Wake up (Vibration) Pad

GUARDMAN® Hearing / Visual Impairment Assistive System is an ideal product for deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visual impaired, elderly persons. It provides an alert with loud sound and flashing light together with strong vibration (by wake up pad) when there is an incoming telephone call and/or when someone press the doorbell.

GWR-L800 Multi-Alert Receiver

•    Capability to pair up to 4 different GUARDMAN® sensors
•    SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
•    With LED indicator
•    Clear and loud sound up to 95dB, with 18 melodies for selection
•    3 selectable operating modes: sound / vibrating / sound & vibrating
•    Low battery indication of sensors

GWT-L538 Wireless Doorbell Press

•    Water splash proof design

•    Generate alerting signal when someone presses the button

GWT-L301 Wireless Telephone Call Alert

•    Simple operation, plug the device and the telephone line into the included splitter, then into the telephone sockets

GAA-WP89 Wake up (Vibration) Pad

•    Simply plug into the receiver, no installation / setup is required
•    no battery is required

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